So, did my cat see a ghost or a spider over my shoulder last night?

My grandmother Mitzi and I.

Last night my cat spent quite a while looking intently over my shoulder while I was reading in bed. In Australia that can mean there’s a huge spider on the wall so I kept looking behind me, just in case.

Then she started looking over my other shoulder, like she was watching something, which just weirded me out. So I swiveled again to investigate the wall behind me, in case a spider was playing a friendly game of hide and seek.

Of course, if you’ve followed my Facebook page or this website for more than five minutes you will know that I spend quite a lot of time researching photos featuring long-departed family members of mine. Honoring their memories is dear to my heart.

In fact, if there is one regret I have it’s that I didn’t know enough as a kid to ask more about their lives — and then they were gone.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you ‘feel’ your family members with you, even though they’ve passed? What signs do you experience?

I’d love to hear from you.

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