Another fabulous photo from M-G-M director W.S. Van Dyke’s ‘Women Without Men’ Party, July 1st, 1935.

How did I miss this? Here’s another photo from that same party on July 1st, 1935! I can HEAR the laughter and silliness coming through this one. Although, sadly, after 82 years this photo is not in the best shape color-wise, compared to the other one.

WS Van Dykes party without male escorts July 1935 watermark
Host W.S. ‘Woody’ Van Dyke stands with two dozen women and two marines on the front steps of his beautiful home. What could be better on a beautiful night during the summer of 1935?

And remember the exotic Russian ballerina, Alice Niktina? There she is taking pride of place right next to the host, and one very lucky guy, M-G-M director W.S. ‘Woody’ Van Dyke, who is engulfed in a sea of happy, beautiful women. I can’t recognize anyone else but if you can, just let me know in the comments section under this photo’s post on my Facebook page.

My glamorous grandmother, Mitzi, is up at the back and has helpfully pointed herself out with a handy arrow (oy, Mitzi!) and she has also titled this pic ‘W.S. Van Dyke’s party without male escorts,’ which I suppose is interchangeable to the other photo’s title, ‘Women Without Men Party.’ I posted that one just yesterday and had not realized the two were from the same function.

Women without Men party WS Van Dyke party July 1 1935 ballerina Alice Nikitina Brian Aherne watermark
Alice Nikitina, Mitzi Cummings, and Brian Aherne at the same party.

And look at those handsome uniformed fellows at the front – they must be U.S. Marines? What a crummy detail that would’ve been guarding Hollywood’s loveliest on a beautiful, fragrant summer’s night at Van Dyke’s stunning home. Can you imagine the stories they told the boys the next morning?

I’m sure if only one of them had been assigned to the party no one would have believed his tall tales, so thankfully there were two needed on the night!

And one is taking his job very seriously standing to the side, facing the camera. The other has decided ‘Oh, to hell with it!’ When is this ever going to happen again in my life!”and has decided to edge in a bit. Both look a little shocked, if you ask me.

Anyway, enjoy a second taste of that wonderful summer night in 1935…

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