When I was a kid it seemed every boy was channeling Jerry Lewis… I miss those times.

Strangely, I was going to post this photo yesterday but I moved on. I think what put me off is that rather ignoble X over Rabbi Magnin’s face, but of course what drew me in was Jerry Lewis’ grin.

He always looked like he saw a thousand funny things in every moment.

Edgar Magnin Jerry Lewis Mischa F Berg JHA watermark

Here he is at a Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aged (JHA) event – I think 1968? – celebrating Mischa F. Berg being named ‘Man of the Year’.

Great-grandma Ida died in April of 1968 so I can’t say if she is standing just off to Rabbi Magnin’s side or not – or maybe even if she had passed she probably would have been standing just off to the side anyway…

What a legacy Jerry Lewis leaves us. Live appearances, radio, movies. As a kid it seemed like every boy I knew was somehow channeling his goofy sense of humor. Jerry Lewis was their spirit animal and the sillier things got the funnier everything was. I miss those times.

RIP Jerry Lewis 1926 – 2017.

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