Early team bonding! What else would explain a Hollywood mogul on a scooter?

During my live presentations in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I shared a handful of photos from my cousin Jillian, Gerald Mayer’s older daughter. If his name rings a bell, that’s because along with producing and directing at M-G-M, he was the only one in the family to make the leap into TV. Gerald directed episodes of Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Peyton Place, Mannix, Mission: Impossible, Lou Grant, The Six Million Dollar Man, Eight is Enough and just too many others to list here.

Here’s my favorite photo, which I’ve titled ‘Team Bonding Day at M-G-M’ as nothing else could possibly explain a Hollywood studio mogul on a scooter!

Fooling around Louis B. Mayer Jerry Mayer courtesy Jillian Richman watermark
Louis B. Mayer (far left), Harry Rapf and Jerry Mayer (middle). Date unknown. Can you help identify the men in this photo? Join the Facebook conversation. See the link below.

Along with my great uncle Louis B. Mayer (far left), there’s also his brother, Jerry Mayer (smack in the middle), who was GM of Operations at M-G-M and Gerald Mayer’s father.

I’m fairly sure that’s Harry Rapf to his right. But who’s that firing the starting pistol? I love his commanding look, and those sunglasses… And everyone on scooters is wearing shirt and tie! Maybe this was a race-off between the execs and directors?

So many questions!

But most important question: what did you win for making it to the finish line first?!

Do you recognize anyone else? Do you know more about this photo? Just comment directly on the Facebook post here – I would love your thoughts.

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