From the Mystery Files: Do you recognize the costume Mitzi is wearing?

Good morning from Sydney! I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday or a happy Friday. Wherever you are, it’s time for another mystery photo… I need your help cracking another photo mystery in the Mayer/Cummings family photo archive.
In this case we all know this is my ever glamorous grandmother Mitzi but I have this feeling she’s not just playing dress ups!
Does anyone recognize the costume she is wearing as coming from a specific film? Based on how young she looks, I think this photo is probably from the late 20s or very early 30s.
MCF 110 UNKNOWN watermark
That headdress is something else and the overall impression is very peasanty. Ring any bells?🛎️🛎️
Let’s see if we can crack this one!
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See you there! Thanks.
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