As the keeper of hundreds of Mayer family photos, letters, and other memorabilia, Alicia Mayer is honored to share these with audiences in a live storytelling presentation that is both entertaining and provides revealing insights into one of Hollywood’s first families.

The Mayer Family of Hollywood is 90-minute presentation told through the rare and unique photographs in Alicia’s collection – many never seen before – and is structured in five parts:

  1. The Bold Rush of the Late 1880s: The dramatic story of one of the world’s greatest human migrations that would shape the 20th century and bring 250,000 Jews, including young Louis B. Mayer, to North America from the ‘Old Country’.
  2. The Mogul, Louis B. Mayer: The life of one of the pillars of Hollywood, Louis B. Mayer, as told through rare photos and with family insights provided by Alicia. Several photos have never been published before, and combined with Alicia’s stories will give you a new insight into a man many only know as a caricature.
  3. The Hollywood Princess, Mitzi Cummings: The youngest daughter of Louis B. Mayer’s older sister, Ida, Mitzi led an incredibly glamorous life both working at M-G-M and as a popular columnist with Photoplay, a Hollywood fan magazine. She knew everyone and her photos with the stars of the day are simply amazing!
  4. The Giver, Ida Mayer Cummings: After Louis settled in Los Angeles, like a good Jewish son and brother he brought his father, Jacob, and several siblings over from Saint John, Canada. His sister, Ida, devoted her life to fundraising for the Los Angeles Home for the Aging. She worked hand-in-hand with dear friend, Mary Pickford. Every year, the rich and famous attended Ida’s gala events.
  5. Q&A and rare photo give-away: From past presentations, the Q&A segment is very popular. Alicia also chooses a rare print from the collection and is happy to give away a copy to a few lucky ticket holders.

Los Angeles Presentations – August 5th and 6th, 2017

Alicia presented her talk at two venues during her recent trip to Los Angeles. Below are photos and videos.

[Watch Alicia Mayer in conversation with Danny Miller on August 5th at the Mark Taper Auditorium, Central Library, Los Angeles and hosted by Christina Rice.]

LA In Focus-Alicia Mayer and Danny Miller-More Stars Than There Are in the Heavens -August 5, 2017 from Russell Pyle on Vimeo.

[Watch Alicia Mayer in conversation with Debbie Lynn Elias on August 6th as part of the official Culver City Centennial program, Veteran’s Auditorium, hosted by the Culver City Historical Society. Audio is better with headphones.]