3 thoughts on “The tailor’s son takes a wife…

  1. I just love your essays. You’re correct about traffic laws significantly lagging automobiles introduction. The Clintonville, WI Common Council minutes document the very sluggish pace rules of the road were adopted. Descriptions of the crashes were some of the most horrific I’ve ever read. Even long after license requirements established minimum ages, here in rural WI many were defacto drivers around age 12. After years of their children driving tractors, parents reasoned,”Where’s the harm?” and for the most part were right.

    I’m arranging leg work for my article on Teckla Rhonda, hubby’s great aunt. Interviewing my MIL, as FIL Alzheimer’s confusion makes it hard to progress to next question (TR actually HIS aunt). I’ve never contacted the Wisconsin Historical Society before, so that will be quite interesting. Whole idea makes me quite anxious but in a good way. Look what you’ve started….<3

  2. Thank you for your kind words and I really hope you pursue your hubby’s aunt’s story, which seems very inspiring and unique. You CAN do it!

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