Mitzi on the set of David Copperfield

As a child my step-father read a number of classics to me, including David Copperfield. I also watched the old movie on several occasions. I was not only a totally G-rated kid (Mr Rogers' biggest fan) I was particularly fond of the old B&W movies. They were safe, beautifully made, the stories always ended on … Continue reading Mitzi on the set of David Copperfield

Jean “Baby” Harlow. Dead at 26.

"It doesn't matter what degree of talent she possesses ... nobody ever starved possessing what she's got." Variety Magazine's review of Jean Harlow in the 1930's Howard Hughes' film Hell's Angels. This is a tough one because the more I stared at this photo and then researched it, the more convinced I became that it … Continue reading Jean “Baby” Harlow. Dead at 26.