Mitzi Joins the MGM Star Factory

My grandmother Mitzi signing in at MGM. Date unknown.

Oh, that smile…

My grandmother Mitzi is probably in her early 20s in this photo and appears to be signing in at MGM’s employee entrance.

From the smile, and with a photo to document the occasion, she may very well be doing this for the first time.

There’s naturally a fine line between nepotism and dynasty, but that smile is very simple – just a girl going to work for probably the first time… and it just so happens to be at her uncle’s movie studio.

A number of the family worked at MGM – my grandmother (who also went on to work as a writer), her sister Ruth who wrote scripts and music (and later married a director Roy Rowland), their brother Jack Cummings who went on to become a producer in his own right, two of Louis’ brothers – Gerald and Ruben, and of course David O. Selznick, husband of uncle Louis’ daughter Irene.

Over the next weeks and months I will post more photos of Mitzi, but this is a handy place to start as any with that smile beaming from a young woman with her own dreams and aspirations. And you know, I remember that smile from the old lady that was my grandmother. Mitzi smiled like that often when I was a kid. I wished I had realized then that smile was like oxygen for her.

Copyright Alicia Mayer 2012.


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