Lincoln’s comedian, Chic Sale

"It's like reading that the Archbishop of Canterbury has been caught at a night club," Will Rogers in the Reading Eagle, August 10, 1934 about Chic Sale's bestselling book, The Specialist. Here's a hilarious, decidedly unglamorous photo of my grandmother, Mitzi Cummings, with Charles Partlow Sale, aka 'Chic Sale', once "the nation's foremost comedian" before … Continue reading Lincoln’s comedian, Chic Sale

I thought I heard a whisper…

The ritual of the cake made it clear there was certainly affection and understanding between them. But had that come with time? Was it a place of comfort after many disappointments and disagreements? I will never know. This photo of my grandmother Mitzi is undeniably stunning. I may be biased, but it ticks every box … Continue reading I thought I heard a whisper…

Marian Marsh – chocolate exec’s doll faced daughter

"The new Trilby, Svengali'a victim, is Marian Marsh, a newcomer to featured screen roles. A few months ago she was an extra girl in Hollywood," New York Times review, April 26, 1931. Oh, how I love this photo. Unlike the highly posed publicity shots featuring Mitzi with a movie star like Harlow in her beautiful … Continue reading Marian Marsh – chocolate exec’s doll faced daughter

In Memory of Richard Zanuck

In memory of Richard Zanuck who died today at 77. Here is his father, Darryl, shown as a young filmmaker being interviewed by my grandmother Mitzi Cummings, who in this instance was writing for Photoplay Magazine. As a niece of Louis B Mayer she was no doubt aware of interviewing the "competition" but she was … Continue reading In Memory of Richard Zanuck