Mama of the Baby Film Academy

Mama of the Baby Film Academy
On the APSAs red carpet.

Vice Patron of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2008 – 2011

I served four years as Vice Patron of the APSA Academy alongside Patron and legendary Australian actor, Jack Thompson. I resigned this year. Click photo to be taken to my resignation press release.

Serving the APSAs was both an honor and deeply disappointing all at the same time as the organizers of the fledgling film awards and academy seemed entirely unable to leverage my involvement. Every time I met the most high profile of film-makers, all of whom personally knew members of my family (such as Lord David Puttnam) or knew of my family, they were amazed that they had been given no indication that I was involved.

It was a difficult choice to resign as I loved meeting and honouring the region’s most talented film-makers but when a press release is put out including every VIP involved in the year’s awards right down to Miss Fiji and you’re not included, well…

Naturally I wish the APSAs all the best and every success, but am glad the confusion and missed opportunities have finally stopped.

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