Louis B Mayer’s BFF – his sister, Ida

Louis B Mayer's BFF his sister Ida

Ida Mayer Cummings presented with portrait – event and date unknown

My great-grandmother Ida Mayer Cummings (far left) was Louis B Mayer’s sister and best friend. They were the middle children of five – Yetta, Ida, LB, Gerald and Ruben.

Louis B Mayer’s legacy was MGM, AMPAS, the Oscars, the MPAA and other major achievements.

What is not as known is that his sister was the same mover and shaker in fundraising, and to this day an event she founded (the same year as LB founded the Academy Awards) is still a fixture in Los Angeles today. She was also the mother of four children, one of whom, Jack Cummings, went on to be a film producer in his own right.

Copyright Alicia Mayer 2012.


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