A Room So Powerful…

The unknown meeting with Louis B Mayer and the mystery mustachioed man. Date and location also unknown.

This is one of the oddest photos in the collection. Clearly, Louis B Mayer is chairing a meeting, but which one? And who is the amazing mustachioed man? The boardroom table, with its incredibly polished surface, mirrors these men of power. In fact, through some freak of lighting, the table reflects them in an even clearer definition than their actual faces.

I find Uncle Louis’ expression so interesting. Who has the power here? The mustachioed man appears deeply confident and calm. He wears power as perfectly as his suit fits him.

The scale of this room adds to the air of mastery – the curtains are gigantic; the flower arrangement is massive; and the chairman’s chair is quite simply kingly.

What board is this? Is it perhaps an early meeting of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), or even the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)? Somehow I doubt it is related to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer or a Freemasons meeting. Does this photo document the approval of something important, or does it just capture two important men for posterity’s sake? And who is sitting to LB’s left?

Too many questions! This photo screams out for one of the handwritten captions that are scribbled on so many of our family photos. I may never have the answers to any of my questions. Of course, if you can fill in the gaps, please be in touch via Twitter @aliciamayer – you might just have the key to a room so powerful…

Copyright Alicia Mayer 2012.

6 thoughts on “A Room So Powerful…

  1. Classic stuff here, Alicia. Really would like to talk. I’m writing the Hollywood story so I would love your input. Best, Mike

  2. The blog is a huge work in progress 🙂 Send along an email to that, yeah, and I’ll reply from a better email. Thanks!

    BTW – I just watched the book review you did and really liked it, do you have more reviews coming up?

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