1925 ‘Tour’ of MGM Studios Features the Who’s Who of Hollywood’s Young Film Colony.

You are going to be as amazed as I was at this short film from 1925 showing off the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. Just a year after its founding, the studio complex is massive, and not only is each department shown – wardrobe, sets, makeup, publicity, directing, writing, music, dispatch, executives, etc – the people behind the magic are trotted out individually and in teams. Hilariously, the directors are not at all comfortable and stand around awkwardly, but the actors all work the camera expertly. The ‘tour’ even visits the sets of two films and a young ‘Lucille Lesueur’ – Joan Crawford – is featured.

I absolutely love that my great uncle Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg show up right at the end, which is a true reflection of their approach: they were there to facilitate the best and the most talented to do their jobs and make films audiences would love.

ENJOY! This is such a treasure and a real treat.