The little known nephew of Louis B. Mayer who served proudly in WWII #MemorialDay

Leonard Sonny Cummings + Ida 1944 watermark
Sonny with his proud mother, Ida Mayer Cummings.

This Memorial Day our family honors the memory of my great uncle Leonard ‘Sonny’ Cummings, who was my grandmother Mitzi’s younger brother, and from my great-grandmother Ida’s second marriage.

I don’t know much about his service but we are privileged to have several photos from this time, including those shared here. Of these, the only photo I can identify is the one showing Sonny with his mother Ida, which looks like it may have been taken outside her home on Tremaine Avenue in Los Angeles.

Sadly, Sonny died at just 44 in 1965 of leukemia, the same awful disease that killed Ida’s younger brother Louis B. Mayer, just a few years earlier in 1957.

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