The Belousoffs: The Luckiest or Unluckiest Couple? Just ask Howard Hughes and Bugsy Siegel.

The Belousoff's lived at 808 N. Linden Drive in Beverly Hills, and twice within just a few months they would be feet away from shocking, violent events reported around the world.

The Perfect Pickford Family

"Things didn't work out that much, you know. But I'll never forget her. I think that she was a good woman." Ron Pickford Rogers, Mary Pickford and Buddy Roger's adopted son, who later became homeless. THE PICKFORD FAMILY portrait, probably taken in 1945, was most likely Mary Pickford’s and Buddy Roger’s first official photo with … Continue reading The Perfect Pickford Family

Sid Grauman: the hair, the theaters, the chutzpah.

 Anyone who comments about a rare early morning start to play himself in a movie that, "Birds were singing. How long has that been going on?" I could have had a lot of fun with. Of all the early Hollywood elite that I have written about, the one I most wished I could have met … Continue reading Sid Grauman: the hair, the theaters, the chutzpah.